Best Kettler Tricycles for Kids

Kettler Kettrike TricycleIn case you are unfamiliar with Kettler, it is a German company that manufactures recreational equipment, such as children’s tricycles within sixty different countries. Currently, Kettler offers eight different models of children’s Kettler trikes. You may make your selection from a wide variety of patented options for Kettler trikes like parental-control features and quick-adjust features. There are some of the Kettler tricycles that may be used by children that are as young as one and a half years old.

In the event that you are interested in purchasing Kettler trikes, it is important that you first familiarize yourself with these types of tricycles. Take as much time as needed to visit the Kettler website, once you are there click on the button that is labeled “toys” and then select “kettrikes” from the menu. Then you may scroll down through the page so that you are able to see the models of Kettler tricycles that are available as well as their features.

Then you may click on the button entitled “Kettrikes Continued” so that you can view all of the models that are remaining. Once you have done this, you may click on the images at the very top of the screen in order to view the features of Kettler trikes like quick-adjust within action. There is an animation will is going to illustrate this feature while in use.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with Kettler trikes, it is time to review the features of the Kettler trikes. For children that are as young as eighteen months old, you may select the Kettler Brummi model. This particular tricycle features a footrest and seatbelts which allows the parents to push the tribe without the pedals even spinning.

For young children, you may want to go with the Kettler trike that has a parental control feature. The parental control features a bar that the parents are able to push and then will be able to control the tricycle while they are standing. For easy carrying, you may want to choose a tricycle that is foldable. There are several of the Kettler trikes that fold down for easy transportation or storage.

If you would like, you may even purchase a tricycle that has an adjustable frame so that it is able to grow up along with your child. The Kettler trike models like the Air-Navigator may be lengthened easily.

While you are out shopping for Kettler trikes, you may also want to consider the tricycle accessories. Visit the Kettle website in order to view trike accessories. Then you may customize your Kettler trikes with a tandem seat accessory in the event that you have twins. In order to ensure the safety of your child, you may also want to add some type of seat belt to the Kettler trikes.